Antistate of the Union

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I address the nation, alien to it.  With much apprehension I do this for I question the very foundation of its singularity.  I am not impressed by its guns, its agents of enforcement, its character, its "concern" for the "well-being" of its citizens, contortion of economic systems, or its machinations toward those ends.  I do not stand in awe of its wars, protection of illegitimate property, the daily harassment of its citizens, and theft of legitimate property.
What impresses me the most and begs attention are those of its citizens who abide it.  I do not speak of those who would argue for statist solutions but those who see it, know that it is wrong, and say nothing publicly.  I must believe this to constitute a majority of the population because, despite it all, the one thing I have faith in is my fellow human beings.
You, who are "apolitical," who have grown weary of the two party system.  You, who just wants to be left alone.  Who only pay their taxes so as to mitigate pain and further encroachment by the system, cowering in fear of audit should the IRS catch wind of your rightfully earned yet dwindling wealth.  Those of you who know your votes do not count and, if they did, know the difference between the two choices to be nominal.  Those of you who have the slightest of hope and only vote for the lesser of evils.  You who have little choice but to rely upon government programs to make ends meet.  You who are just trying to find a job to support your families.
You tire of their interference but wish only to live your lives in peace.  Soon this may not be an option.  The days grow shorter with the winter of stagnant civilization.  A new tide has set and your options are being progressively removed.  They are frisking our children in airports when they are not propagandizing them in their schools.  You send your children to private schools but even those are failing them due to a general lack of competition.
They are seeking to remove your means of self-defense while presenting you with pitiful "protection" by hiring more police.  They are arresting your neighbors for ingesting chemicals unapproved while doling out patents and drug approval on dangerous drugs to massive pharma corps.  They may enter your homes for whatever purpose they deem reasonable.  They are laying the legal framework by which they shall dictate your health, regulate your internet content, limit your free speech, and track your movement globally.  They are strengthening the systems by which they maintain the current rate of wealth disparity with the promotion of "intellectual property" and enforcement of oligopolies and monopolies.  Giant husks of empowered multinational corporations and banks are tightening quicker around our collective necks.
Our health system was the envy of the world until government interfered and regulated it.  Every year, medical schools turn away tens of thousands of perfectly qualified medical students who have an ability to pay.  No one is building new schools because of the tight regulations surrounding the industry and the exorbitant fees to do so, despite the demand.  Medical technologies are becoming more and more expensive, locked up in government mandated monopolies.
Our schools were the shining example by which the rest of the world modeled their educational systems until government further centralized it and established caps, standardization, quotas, regulation, and loan programs that did more harm than good.  Standards are lowered in order to graduate more students from high schools.  Universities accept government grants and then teach programs and courses with no applicable industry with artificial demand created by the Universities themselves.
There is certainly no doubt that certain externalities contributed to an extent to the formerly exceptional status of the United States (imperialism) though we are no less interventionist today than we have ever been.  Despite the continued imperialism of the nation, healthcare is suffering and schools are in turmoil.  The primary differences are in centralization, wealth disparity, and corporate empowerment.
For those of you enraged by the rhetoric of "the right" in calling for a "fair flat tax" and arguments that you should pay your fair share into taxes despite being impoverished.  You have every right to be upset, when was the last time the government actually benefited you?  Remember this and keep it in mind.  No one on "the left" is going to change this.  If it were not the case that government benefited the wealthy more, it would soon change.  Recruiting your child into the military, who has limited opportunity otherwise, is not enough for them, they wish to tax the poor only so they may use that money to fight wars overseas and kill poor people there.
I implore you to consider the case of patents, business licenses, and regulations.  These are not detrimental to extant businesses, they are detrimental to you.  Imagine were you to attempt to build a business, all the initial fees for patent licenses, business certification, regulation compliance, et al.  The primary barrier between you and working for yourself is the government itself.  In order to start a business and get out of the system, you have to get a loan from a major bank thereby giving them a say in your business, sublimating you right back into the system once again.  The biggest contributor to both presidential candidates is usually Goldman-Sachs, the epitome of government entitled and massive money manipulators.  Inflation, as artificially instituted by the Federal Reserve, is the quintessential wealth redistribution, it takes money from the poor and middle class and directs it straight into the pockets of the wealthiest corporations.
For those of you disgusted by "the left" and their gun grabbing.  Consider carefully, they will never stop.  Eventually, they will get what they want.  Defeat their bills and another will be introduced in short order.  Every slight victory of theirs brings them a step closer and they will capitalize on every incident and introduce new bill after new bill.
In either of these cases, you cannot stop them so long as government exists.  Government is not society, it is the cancer killing it.  Every major ill and every conceivable problem is reducible in causation or by exacerbation to this malady.  Every year we see new government programs and every year we see new resultant problems needing governmental attention.  
It puts to mind a nurse who continuously kicks, prods, and punches her patient in his sleep, to keep him in his bed.  A sick fetish for empowerment is the motivation.  Domination and force are the tools by which they ply their trade.  We are too far gone not to see this, we have got to wake up.
Awaken, stand up, resist, and educate.  The silent majority of disenfranchised need not be silent anymore.

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